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Door-Stop composite doors offer the very best in strength easy maintenance, security and weather resistance, making homes all over the UK are safer and look better with these doors.
Thirteen door colours

The door can be as individual as you like. We have added three new colours to the range – Poppy Red, extra glossy for truly vibrant colour, Black-Brown to match the outer frame, and the popular Duck Egg Blue, chosen by customers in an online poll. Customers can now select from 13 colours for a door to suit any property; Grey, Cream and Chartwell Green, White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak and Darkwood.

GRP skinned

To give great definition and long life performance Door-Stop doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. That’s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!


Making a door to just hold the glass is easy. But have you ever thought about what happens if the glass unit breaks down in that composite door you fitted? You will want that door to have been a Door-Stop door. Our unique and patented glazing cassette can be removed from the inside to let you simply change the glass and reuse the cassette. You won’t need a new door because it has been damaged whilst trying to follow impossible deglazing knacks and techniques!

Thermal efficiency

What can be more important than the future of our planet? Everything Door-Stop does is done with an eye on how to reduce the environmental impact. We are working hard toward preparing for the Green Deal in 2012 – full details are on the Green Deal web site.


Our new GRP side panel gives loads of choice. You can choose from 7 different designs, in 10 colours, with dozens of glass options – but, uniquely you can have a choice of width. All of which can carry the letterbox. All this may sound simple, but only with Door-Stop!

Frame options

As a dedicated door manufacturer we make sure that the door that you can buy form us is tailored to best suit what you do. Just as you can select which hardware suite you would like your door to be fitted with you can now select from 4 profile suites. The Door-Stop outer frame is chamfered and extruded at Door-Stop’s site in Nottingham. Liniar offers a sculptured frame detail. Whilst the Rehau option is very popular in both the trade and commercial markets.

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