Latest Addition To Our Range!

Internal Steel Partitions Are Here! Slick and modern steel partitions added to our range of products. Great way of dividing open spaces...

Wimbledon, Loft Skylights

Recently installed four self cleaning/solar control flat skylights. Flat skylights are great way of brigthing up the room, no this...

Roof lantern

Slim line and big possibilities, with sizes up to 7000mm x 2500mm

Stanmore, 7 meters bi folding door

Complete house installed with ALUK windows and big bi-folding door. Bi-folds, great way of bringing outside to the inside of the property.


ALUK corner bi-folds, with custom made glass box. Corner bi folds create feel of real open space with no corner post, glass box seating...

Integrated blinds

Great addition to any bi-folding door, integrated blinds which don't require any maintanance nor cleaning.

Composite front door

Your front door is your welcome card, any one coming into your house will notice well fitted composite door.